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Worker Sheets for the May ASFA Trials

I do the worker sheets for lure coursing trials immediately after figuring out the running order. Because I color code the judges to make it easier to distinguish them, it gives me one last chance to verify that the running order will work, at least for them. It’s just easier to spot inefficiencies or errors in this form than it is in my scrawl.

I create these sheets using Excel. Before I print them, I’ll put the list of lure operators that will appear in the premium in the footer. This will give the chair a reminder about who can be used without the need for posting a notice at the trial. The list is usually the trained club members, complemented with any experienced judges or other known attendees. Will I be running lure? Not likely given that I am the secretary, but, just in case, I’ll leave my name in the list.

Thus, here is Saturday’s worker sheet…

… and here is Sunday’s worker sheet.

I usually print two copies of the worker sheet for use at the event—one for the chair to fill in and keep for reference during the day and a cleaner copy to post for the exhibitors. If there are any other notices to be posted, such as an additional lure operator, there’s plenty of space on the form to do so. Because I am the FTS that weekend, I will print a third copy for my own reference. It’s just easier to read and use for reference than the running order that will appear in the premium, as you will see in the next post.

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