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Unexpected and Unfortunate

It’s not gloom and doom—just a bit of catching up on what has transpired from my last entry.

The not-so-unexpected was that Laurie gave up on getting across the border for our upcoming trials, so I made minor changes to the premiums, removing Laurie and putting Katie in her place as a judge. As they were both planning to run greyhounds, I avoided the need to mess with the running order or judge assignments. Actually, the messiest part was moving the judge assignment rows around to get them back into alphabetical order. Those revised premiums went back through the formal approval process and then re-distributed.

The unfortunate is something to be avoided, which is the purpose of insurance. Our club’s renewal notice arrived, which is a cue to start the weekend calendar for next year. If you’ve been paying close attention (, I started my 2021 calendar quite some time ago. Because our insurance year begins in September, I need to gather up the dates for our remaining event weekends in 2020 and our likely event weekends through the summer of 2021. Assuming that the rest of this year goes as expected and that next year bears some semblance of normality, those weekends are 31 Oct-1 Nov for our upcoming ASFA trials at Lake Erie Metropark, a possible practice and general meeting on 20 or 21 Mar at Lake Erie Metropark, ASFA trials on 15-16 May at Lake Erie Metropark, and AKC trials on 3-4 Jul at Armada. Because of the holiday on the Armada weekend, I did contact the fair to ensure that the facility would be available for us, and it is. With that, I passed those dates and locations to the treasurer, who renewed the insurance and returned to me the specific endorsements to the two locations. I then sent the Lake Erie Metropark endorsement to the park manager, as our dates are looming. One more item checked off the list.

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