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Worker Sheets for the June AKC Trials

The worker sheets for an AKC lure coursing trial are much the same as those for ASFA. The breeds are a bit different (and more numerous after decomposing FSS into the current four breeds), and I tack on a column for the Qualified Courser and Junior Courser tests that are conducted, usually, after the trial.

My rule of thumb for picking the judge for the tests is based on who is in the least hurry. I start with Sunday, selecting the judge who is driving the least distance after the trial, and I think that might be Laurie that weekend. Saturday is always the busier day for tests, and, with the potluck, everyone is likely to stick around after the trial. It might be best to go with the more experienced judge on that day, which means Anya rather than Cori.

For lure operators, it’s the usual list of club members supplemented by any capable judges (Laurie) and Don White, who often magically appears on that weekend if we’ve been nice for the past year.

Here is Saturday’s worker sheet…

… and here is Sunday’s worker sheet.

I will print two copies of the worker sheet for use at the event—one for the chair to fill in and keep for reference during the day and a cleaner copy to post for the exhibitors.

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