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Who Wants to Design a Course?

I’ve started to think about a new course plan for the Region 6 Invitational in October—something a bit longer than typical would be nice. 950 yards is probably a good target.

Here’s a picture of what I call the boundary and terrain for the field at Lake Erie Metropark.

When I print course plans, I hide the boundary layer, which is just some nominal lines and measurements of what I think is the usable space. In the case of this field, these lines are conservative. Better placement of the lure operator and more extensive mowing patterns have enlarged the space.

As for terrain, it’s mostly a flat field, though it does have some ridges and gullies that I’ve learned to work around. They just don’t provide enough deviation to merit marks. The ball diamond has evolved over time as well. The fencing down the first base line was torn down, but I’ve not bothered to depict that yet. Even if it remains missing, it’s footprint is not useful and should be avoided.

With that, I’m going to open up the topic for suggestions. By far my favorite course plans on this field resemble a blocky C-clamp, and I tend to gravitate back to that shape. I hope some discussion might point to something original, so I really don’t want to reveal my thoughts on why I like or don’t like certain course designs for this field, as I don’t want to influence the thinking just yet. Suggest away. Please. Here are some factors to consider—safety, terrain, convenience, and sport—and, of course, they all affect each other, so don’t expect perfection.

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