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When to Kalamazoo?

The pandemic chased the spring cluster in Kalamazoo from their May weekend to the last weekend of August, 27-31. Yesterday, I confirmed that the field would still be ours for conducting the CATs on that weekend and that the FTS and judges were all still on board for the event, with a judge swap on the final two days, as a previous scheduling conflict no longer existed. My final missive yesterday was directed at the cluster superintendent to confirm that we would be there and find out if they wanted a new advertisement.

This morning, I sent an email to the AKC Performance Department explaining that the cluster moved due to the virus, and I would like to move the CATs to those new dates with a slight juggle to the judge assignments.

I’ve marked up my event planning sheet with new dates and reopened items that need attention with some circles. I’ll check the “Submit final event application” item off when I receive confirmation from the AKC that the events have been updated, and I’ll probably wait on that before updating the premium.

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