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My Weekend Calendar

How often do I refer to the AKC Corresponding Date Table? Once a year. For both event planning and when actively coursing my dogs, I rely on my own spreadsheet to keep track of the weekends. A copy, as of today, can be found here...

Bear in mind, this is my actual workbook, so it’s populated with the events that mean something to me. I’m not going to explain the fonts and background colors—they just infer something I want to remember when I glance at the sheet. If you go back in time to the earlier tabs, you’ll see a lot more events, because I was actively coursing my own dogs at the time. Now, it’s focused on the events to which I have made some level of commitment. You could certainly take a copy of this spreadsheet and make it your own, with events meaningful to you, and then I won’t have to field as many questions from year to year about when MGA’s trials are the following year :-)

Notice that a 2021 tab is already present. When I have something unique to remember about a future year, I will make a copy of the current year (e.g., 2020) and rename the copy (e.g., 2021). Then, I consult the AKC Corresponding Date Table to identify the date of the Saturday for week 1 (e.g., January 9 in 2021). That date—don’t forget to include the year—goes in cell B2 of the 2021 tab. All of the other dates will then populate correctly to match the Corresponding Date Table for that year. Magic! If all of the clubs on the current year stick to their weekends, then all of the events that were carried forward will already be on the proper dates. Of course, you should double-check before cementing your plans, as clubs do vary their weekends on occasion due to venue availability, whim, or other reason. I can think of two clubs in the region whose schedules are quite unpredictable. MGA is not one of them.

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