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That Other Day in October

This morning, I’m going to draft the premium for the regular ASFA trial in October, the one on the Sunday following the Region 6 Invitational. The May premium will provide a solid foundation for that particular trial, and, later, I can use the premium for that day as the basis for drafting the invitational premium.

The first edits are needed on the left side of the first page in the notes near the bottom. First, I will replace “Lunch will be available” to “Bring your own food and water—lunch will NOT be available”. I think that will be still necessary or prudent. The other change is to negate the offer of hound certifications and practices. It’s just not viable after the invitational on Saturday—often because of time but certainly, in this case, because of meetings—and nobody likes to hang around on Sunday.

The other side of page one just needs date changes—the early entry deadline and the trial date and the FTC’s telephone number.

The list of judges and their assignments are the first change on page two, followed by the FTC and some minor tweaks to the list of lure operators. Last change is altering “Course Plans” to its singular form. I know that in March, I thought I would us course L, but, given that May didn’t occur, I am leaning towards using course V1, which is already in this premium as the Sunday course. However, I’d like to shorten it up a bit, so I think course V2 will be forthcoming. Next post.

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