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Small Steps

I’ve created a COVID page to insert into the premiums, and that’s circulating for comment with a couple of groups. I also put a few questions to Jessica on the premium and catalog, which she is supposed to ponder while coursing this weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the two premiums with new dates. For the moment, I have entries closing on Tuesday, to give the catalog preparation a bit more time while still allowing folks who might have coursed the preceding weekend a business evening to overnight entries. I also updated the secretary information on both premiums and entry forms. The blurb restricting parking to one half of the lot—gone.

The other tweak today was pushing up roll call to 7:30 from the usual 8:30 and removing Best in Field from the Sunday trial. We should have about 11 hours of usable light each day, beginning around 7:40 in the morning. Hopefully, the field and draw can both be ready around 8:30 each morning. Something to shoot for anyway. MGA will likely have a club meeting to elect officers after the trial on Sunday, hence pruning BIF that day.

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