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Saturday Commences

What to title this article? I saw that the last one was “Sunday Done”, and my intention this morning was to start the draft for the Saturday premium in October and it is Saturday morning, so….

Nothing too ambitious. I just want to take the main document and entry forms for that Sunday and change all of the dates to that Saturday. I can also put in the judge assignments, take judges out of the lure operator list—they’ll be busy enough judging—and take a guess at which course plan Meg wants to use.

As I did those things, I noticed an “each day” in the premium and the inspection committee includes some folks that I know will not be present. So, I’ve cleaned up my little mess in both premiums.

As for what makes this Saturday premium special due to it being for the Region 6 Invitational, I need to figure that out yet by reviewing the ASFA policies and a copy of the premium from MGA’s most recent hosting of that event. That’s for another day.

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