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Running Order for the May ASFA Trials

Finally, time for the actual running order. The days are done independently, so I will—surprise—begin with Saturday across the bottom of the page. I prefer Singles to be last in the running order, as it gives the other breeds and the paperwork a bit of time before run-offs. Because I am putting Singles last, that and the judge are written first to anchor the line. Next breed down will be the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, because running Singles will give John plenty of time to walk out his dogs. The rest of Frances’ judging assignment can go down in whatever order might make sense for lure operation. I put check marks by the judge assignments, so that I can see what needs to yet be placed in the running order.

Will John have time to get his Ridgebacks ready to run if he is judging before Frances’s assignments? I’m not sure and he is judging Whippets, so I know I can work out something instead with him at the front. That means Greyhounds need to be early or at least in front of Whippets, as that will ensure Katie has time to walk out her Greyhounds. I usually like to start the day with a breed that isn’t too fast to help the first lure operator get a feel for the course before a big stake. I think I’ll take a chance on the Cirnecho dell’Etna and Silken Windhound and hope one of them shows up. I’ll use the Ibizan Hound as additional filler before Katie takes the field for her assignment.

Katie’s assignment is pretty easy. The Irish Wolfhound needs to be first. Whatever feels right for lure operation can follow. I’ll put the Borzoi at the end for that reason, next to the Scottish Deeerhound.

Sunday will follow a similar process. First the back end of the order, anchored by Singles. The Irish Wolfhound can go either at the front of John’s group if Katie is judging the middle again or just before Single if Frances is judging the middle of the order. Seeing that Katie is judging both Whippet and Ridgeback, putting her in the middle makes it easy, so Irish Wolfhound at the front of John’s group and fill in the rest. Actually, it’ll be easier with Frances in the middle, so a quick fix with the eraser. Greyhounds, then, will be the last thing in Frances’s group, and Katie’s group should have Whippets before Ridgebacks. That gives all of the judges ample time for their own hounds.

Just need to fill in the rest to finish. I count across both days just to be sure that I still have 18 breeds each day.

While this is fresh, I’ll start a worker sheet for the weekend and put together a judge assignment table for the premium. We’ll cover those in the next two posts.

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