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Revising the Draft Premium for the May ASFA Trials

Not so fast. The feedback from ASFA Scheduling came last night with one suggestion, adding the FTS address to the front page to make it clear where the early entries close. To revise the draft, I start by renaming the Word document with a “v2” added. That will keep the resulting work distinct from the first draft.

The chair of ASFA Scheduling, Audrey, has been publishing premiums for some of her local clubs already this year, so I can look at one on the ASFA web site to see what she did on those. I’ll do something similar, so I know it’ll meet her expectations. I’ll just add my street address parenthetically after “FTS address”. Lucky me, it didn’t break the line, so I won’t need to adjust spacing elsewhere on the page. I can save the document as a PDF and copy all of the attachments from the first draft before sending it back to ASFA Scheduling for approval.

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