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Regional Invitational Policy

What’s different about a regional invitational than a typical ASFA field trial? The ASFA Running Rules have a little to say about the subject, such as requiring two judges on each stake, but my draft of the premium has already accounted for those few things. The rest of the differences are spelled out in the Regional Invitational Policies document that coexists on the web site with the running rules. Curiously, the current revision, dated March 2019, is watermarked as “Draft”—just a bit of errant housekeeping I’d wager.

That two-page document has several things of immediate interest, starting with the sentence on additional activities near the end of page one. The previous region director had requested that we host a region meeting after the invitational, and I have a note on my checklist to add that. Before doing so, I’ll send an email to the current region director to see if that is still wanted. I’ll direct that email to the official address for the Region 6 Director, and we can time the response. (And, an affirmative response came back while I was editing the draft, so I’ve added a short note to the left-hand side of the first page for that.)

The bottom of page one has a section on eligibility, which needs to go into the premium. The eligibility rules have changed since MGA last hosted the event in 2014, so I can’t just copy what was present in that older premium.

Putting on a different hat, the top of page two mentions a dedicated space on the ASFA web site for announcing the event and posting pictures afterwards. Fanfare is not my strong suit, but I can print a copy of the policy, highlight that section, and file it for mention at the next meeting or two to shake out a volunteer perhaps.

Rosettes and trophies. The important thing to take away at this point for the premium is that it needs to distinguish between what item ASFA is providing and what the club and its friends are offering and to add in a section on non-regular stakes. I will also jot a new milestone on my check list for requesting the rosettes and medallions at the appropriate time and a note at the end to return the extras.

The final item of interest for the premium is the first sentence of the “General” section, which dictates that the premium must also include the ASFA Board of Directors. The ASFA web site should have the current list.

After those changes and a comparison to the 2014 premium, it appears that all that is left to change on the main document is entry information. I’ll put something in for the cost and deadlines and revisit those when I get around to the attachments. Sufficient progress for this day.

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