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October Running Order Redux

This morning, I will transfer the October judge assignments and running order into the worker sheets and tables for the premiums. As I’ve mentioned previously, I like to do these right away, as it ensures that I’ve not missed any of the breeds (because the these two artifacts have a fixed number of columns) and the worker sheets, in particular, provide a better view of the running order.

I’ll start with the worker sheet, given the three judges each a blanket color in alphabetical order. Who caught my error from yesterday? I’m missing Azawakh, as it never made it to the column of breeds and wasn’t crossed off the list across the top of the page either. I think the middle of the running order would be the best spot for adding what I suspect will be one course.

For the lure operators, I’ll just stick with the current slate of club members for Saturday. I’ll add in the two judges who run lure for Sunday. I won’t print these sheets right away, as I often do, in case someone noteworthy makes their intention known to attend prior to the premium being published.

Thus, here’s Saturday…

… and Sunday.

ASFA has some silliness with respect to how judge assignments are marked in the premium. For the Saturday judge assignment table in the premium, I get to use “X” to mark the assignments, except for Laurie. Canadian judges get the cool hashtag.

For Sunday, I have to use “S” to indicate that the stake is being judged by a single judge, except for Laurie again.

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