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Not Sharing the Park

After some consultation with the event chair (Meg) and our region director, we opted to seek another weekend for our October ASFA trials, including the Region 6 Invitational, to avoid the charity group that was also scheduled for the park on 10 Oct. After checking with the park, we’ve settled on the weekend of 31 Oct and 1 Nov. So, the action for today was to send a note to ASFA Scheduling to get the dates moved and then notes to each judge to see if they can still fulfill their assignment.

Over the past weekend, I had a chance to speak with Jessica. She was originally supposed to be the FTS for those trials until the AWC moved their trials to the same weekend. Of course that conflict has been doubly negated at this point, so we agreed to put restore her as the FTS, which will allow me to assist Meg with the field chores.

Other than the final word from the judges and ASFA Scheduling, I do need to finish up the draft premiums, so look for bits and pieces of that over the next week or two.

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