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Next Up, the June AKC Trials

The 27-28 June AKC lure coursing tests and trials in Armada MI are now at the top of the event planning sheets. As before, I’ll talk about what I have done for that event, and, in the following posts, I’ll check off a few more items. Here’s what that event planning sheet looks like…

Shortly after I printed this sheet, I crossed off the first item, “Submit ad for show premium”, and the second item, “Reserve trial dates”. As mentioned previously, the ads only apply for the CATs and Fast CATs that are being held in conjunction with a dog show. If you hold an AKC event, the AKC reserves that date for the next year—no action required. I also crossed off the sixth item, “Make camping reservations”, as it isn’t a concern for this lure coursing trial, and I checked off the item for “Obtain insurance endorsements”, as this event was included in the club’s insurance renewal last fall.

The milestone date of 29 March 2020 for “Submit final event application” was the reason that this event was next in the queue at this time, and the three remaining items above it, “Obtain rights to use property”, “Solicit judges and negotiate reimbursement”, and “Determine running order” are the direct prerequisites.

I called the office manager at Armada Fair in January, which is why there’s a circle by the “Obtain rights to use property” item, but, as you may have discerned by now, the absence of a check mark means it is not complete. I’m wishing I had noted the date of that call and perhaps jotted down a few notes from the conversation on the back of the event planning sheet, but it appears I thought my memory could buffer that information adequately. Never trust your brain as a data store—it is not intended for that. I do recall that the request to use the property needed to be approved by the Fair Board, so a contract would not be issued until that approval had been given. I definitely need to follow up and make sure that we’re still on the radar, before I expend much more effort on the planning. I also don’t want to commit application fees for the event without a bit more certainty.

As I noted earlier, I managed to fill the judging panels for all of the lure coursing trials earlier this year, so that item is checked, and I just need to figure out the judge assignments, which I do as part of the running order. It’s really the judge assignments that I need to know for the AKC event applications.

I have also made a couple of notations on the event planning sheet near the “Draft premium and solicit comments” item, so that I would remember to include some mention of the Jessie Reynolds trophy and the Saturday potluck in the premium.

Next post, I’ll put together the running order for this event. In the meantime, I’ll try to confirm our use of the fairgrounds.

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