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Introducing the MGA Gazette

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

At one time, MGA had a monthly Bulletin that was mailed to the club members. The Bulletin typically had a list of upcoming events, news on members and dogs, minutes, reviews, and articles. Our web site and Facebook group provide ample opportunity for sharing most of that information. Hopefully, this web log provides a forum for more complex and enduring topics, to serve the club as a knowledge store or a matter of record, as Jack Helder would say.

Categories are utilized to allow related articles on a topic to be grouped together. My intention is to write articles for the following four categories over the course of the next few months:

  • Gazette—about the gazette in general, such as this article;

  • Planning—how to plan AKC and ASFA lure coursing trials and tests;

  • FTC—about being a field trial chairperson; and

  • FTS—about being a field trial secretary.

And, now, the disclaimer, paraphrased from a copy of the Bulletin…

All articles published in this web log are solely the opinions or beliefs of their authors and do not necessarily express the opinions or beliefs of the officers, directors, or members of the Michigan Gazehound Association.

Keep that in mind. It is a grey world. I and others are going to write about things we do and why we do them. It’s what works for the author and isn’t necessarily right or wrong—just what seems a good choice from their perspective. Hope it’s useful.

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Great idea Joe. Looking forward to reading

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