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AKC Corresponding Date Table

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

If you don’t know what the AKC Corresponding Date Table is, you should. It’s the foundation not just for planning events in a given year but also for planning your weekends with your own dogs. You can find a copy in the downloadable forms section of the AKC’s web site. A quick web search would probably do too. I downloaded one earlier this week from…

The Corresponding Date Table defines, for each year, the 52 pairs of Saturdays and Sundays that constitute a Dog Event Weekend. This is the authoritative source of how a given weekend carries forward from year to year for both the AKC and the ASFA. Be skeptical if anyone who claims that an event is always the second weekend of May—the week number from the Corresponding Date Table is what really matters. If a club is consistent (and following the path of least resistance), they will use the same weekend numbers for their events—dog shows, lure coursing trials, race meets—from year to year. MGA’s lure coursing weekends are the weeks numbered 19, 26, and 41. Notice that the table considers week 26 a “July” weekend even though it often begins in June. This year and last year, that weekend was entirely in June; next year, 2021, that weekend includes the 4th of July holiday.

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