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May CATs in Kalamazoo

Or perhaps not. I’ve elected to skip ahead momentarily to present the status on event planning for the Coursing Ability Tests (CAT or CABT) being held in conjunction with the spring cluster of shows in Kalamazoo. That event sheet looks like this as of this morning.

This is the event that kicks off the year from a planning perspective, as it has the first milestone due date. I actually didn’t send their ad until mid-January, so it’s possible that the lead time of 145 days that I’ve been using on the check list might be a tad long. I don’t think it’s worth adjusting.

Much of what I wrote yesterday, applies here. No need to reserve trial dates, secure the property, deal with insurance endorsements, or craft a running order. I do have the judging panel put together—my notes from that endeavor are conveniently written on the back of the sheet for reference.

I’ve not checked off the “Make camping reservations”. I know some of the workers and judges will be camping, so I have now sent them a note, mentioning that the cluster premium is published and contains the camping reservation information. Check.

The event applications were submitted to the AKC in early February, so our CATs do already appear on the AKC’s web site when one does an event search. The miscellaneous notes on my event sheet were written that day, as I jotted down numbers that I needed for the applications. Up at the top are the five days, the judge and their number, and then the assigned event numbers for the two tests each day. The number by the “Obtain rights to use property” line item is the location number for the fairgrounds. I had to enter that for the new tests (i.e., the second tests on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) this year.

I actually did complete the disaster and emergency plan immediately after submitting the applications, as is my way. Unlike those for the lure coursing event, I listed all of the days, 21-25 May, for the date on the form, and included, with a notation as to the day, all of veterinarians.

But, I didn’t check that item off until after I downloaded the cluster’s premium was published. I downloaded that from the AKC’s web site and used it to double-check the veterinarians. Same as last year, so I really only needed to update dates and my address on the back page. These forms won’t see as much abuse at the event, so I printed just three copies and put that in my file for the weekend.

I have everything in hand to draft the premium, but I should get back to the event applications for July first. In these uncertain times, still have to plan, but best not to get too far ahead.

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