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Friday rolls around again, and I’ve mostly been pushing other clubs’ events along, as it’s wait mode on the MGA events. Let’s see where those are at.

27-28 June AKC trials in Armada. I’m waiting on some form of confirmation from the AKC on the premium that I sent on Monday. To that end, I check the AKC event schedule most every morning to see if that premium has been posted. Not yet. I know the AKC is busy processing events, so I’m inclined to wait. Distributing the premium and making a decision on holding the event are the only significant items left on the check list until a week out from the event. I think mid-May is about the latest I’ll wait. We’ll consider that again next Friday.

27-31 August CATs in Kalamazoo. Again, I’m checking the AKC event schedule most every morning to see if the premium for the show clubs’ has been attached to their events. Currently, it’s a broken link. Their premium will allow me to confirm veterinary services and complete the disaster plan and the premium, which the FTS has already reviewed.

10-11 October ASFA trials in Lake Erie Metropark, including the Region 6 Invitational. I can start doing a few things on this, starting with the running order and then a course plan for the invitational. I’ll try to do those this month yet.

Hard to believe that a year full of events has turned into such a short list at this point in April.

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