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July Fast CATs

At the top of the event planning heap now is the sheet for the Fast Coursing Ability Test (Fast CAT or FCAT) to be held in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Kennel Club’s shows on Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 July. Here’s how that sheet looks.

The show club will generally insert a half page advertisement for our event into their show premium and, I think, their catalog. Their premium has a long lead time, hence the quite early milestone date for the ad.

I believe that the ad should make exhibitors aware that the event will be present and where they can get additional information. I strong suspect that the ad is the only material that many of the exhibitors ever see until they walk up to the secretary’s table to enter, so best to include a few details on entering.

The next four items on the checklist don’t apply to this event. “Reserve trial dates” is for ASFA events, and the show club will have secured the venue without the need for MGA to provide an additional insurance endorsement. The only judge on the Fast CAT field is the timer.

It’s actually this particular show that prompted me to insert a line item for “Make camping reservations” and give it the honor of a milestone date. In a good year, the Monroe site can get quite full, and, if any of the workers are planning to camp, they need to get those requests in early to assure themselves of both a spot and a location near the field. The premium is not yet published for the show, so I doubt that the fairground is taking reservations quite yet. I’ll just leave that item open and circle back to it later.

I can cross off “Determine running order”, as that item is for lure coursing trials. The next action is to submit the applications—tomorrow perhaps.

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