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Friday Cleaning

Friday is typically my day for taking stock of things and making sure that loose ends don’t become lost threads, and that seems like the thing to do with the event planning this morning.

The AKC called yesterday, so the missing CAT event from the Kalamazoo show in May has been restored, and all ten of those CATs have been approved. The premium hasn’t appeared on the AKC’s site yet though, so I’ll give it a few more days before more widespread distribution.

The AKC also shifted the application fees from the cancelled Maumee Fast CATs to the Monroe Fast CATs, so those four Fast CATs in Monroe in early July are also now approved. I sent an email to the show chair this morning to see how camping reservations for crew should be made. Usually, workers can make a reservation ahead of the exhibitors, which allows them to get a spot closer to the field.

It’s good to review all of the event planning sheets in the pile periodically, just to be sure that they are ordered as they should be with respect to upcoming milestone dates and to see if any of those are pressing. I got through the crush of stuff that needed to be done by early April, and it might be prudent to not get too far ahead on things given the times. Nothing urgent to do, and someone wants breakfast.

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