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Finishing the Premium for the May CATs

To finish up the draft premium for the May CATs in Kalamazoo, I need to gather up the attachments—entry forms and the Canine Partners listing application. The latest version of both will be available from the AKC’s downloadable forms.

The entry form hasn’t changed since last year, which means I can start with one of the entry forms from last year and just modify the inserted text. Just a matter of changing the date and the event number, making a copy and repeat. I always put one entry form for each test in the premium, so I need ten of these this year. Once done, those can all be attached to the premium in order.

The Canine Partners listing application, which consists of a form and a page of instruction doesn’t require any editing, so I just download the latest and attach it to the end of the premium.

And, just like that, the premium is finished. Time to send it off to the FTS for that second set of eyes.

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