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Final Premium for the May ASFA Trials

And, just like that, the premium has been approved by ASFA Scheduling. I rename the version 2 draft with “Final” in its name, and then attach it to three e-mail messages.

The first goes to ASFA officials: president, region director, scheduling, and records coordinator. I just stick to the basics on the body of that message—“Attached is the premium for the ASFA lure coursing trials on 9-10 May 2020 at Lake Erie Metropark, Rockwood MI, hosted by MGA.”

The second message goes to the judges with the FTC and FTS copied. The body is the same with an additional sentence that we look forward to seeing them on the field. I’ll start that message with the salutation of “Judges,” to frame the context.

The third message goes to our own web master, Caren. She just needs to know what it is, and I ask her to let me know when it is up on our web site. I won’t announce it at large (i.e., Facebook) until I have something to reference with a link.

Speaking of Caren, she assures me that we have plenty of prizes, and I took care of ribbons and paperwork, so this event sheet will get shuffled back into the pile by its next milestone date on 9 April.

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