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Emergency Disaster!

It’s not that bad, just what to do if something along those lines happens, and the AKC has a form for that. When applying for an AKC event, the AKC makes you check a box that assures them that a plan for emergency procedures. I like to do that immediately after the application.

As with most forms, start by checking the organization’s web site to see if the form has been updated. The Disaster & Emergency Plan is readily found in the event downloadable forms on the AKC’s web site, though the link is called Emergency Procedures at Dog Shows, which references the cover memorandum on the form. Why this form changes pretty much every year with no obvious differences is a mystery, but I will download the new form and pretty much copy all of my text from last year’s plan.

The first page has a brief header about the event. It’s the date that always changes. Speaking of, sometimes, I’ll just put in the one day, such as 27 Jun 2020, for this event’s Saturday, and sometimes I’ll put in the entire weekend (e.g., 27-28 Jun 2020). If I don’t expect the posted form to survive the day, such as being posted in the elements with the record sheets at a lure coursing trial, the one day makes sense, and I’ll make a form for each day. (At a long CAT event, where the form is protected under a canopy, I tend to put the whole range of dates on the form and make a copy for every other day.)

The body of the first page documents all of the emergency services. I don’t expect governmental entities to wink out of existence, but I’ll do a quick check on the others, particularly the veterinary services, to make sure they still exist.

The second page has contact information. Usually, just the chairperson and signature date need to be updated, as I will usually just list myself as the coordinator, but I do have to change my address this year.

Sunday’s form is just a copy with the event date changed. I’ll print one copy of each two-page disaster and emergency plan for the two days and place those in the files. With that complete, the event checklist looks like this.

I do have everything I need to do the premium at this time, but my nominal deadline for that activity is after some more pressing milestone dates on the events behind this one in the heap. Thus, I will shuffle this one back into the pack and move on to another event.

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