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Crew Camping

I received an email from the Ann Arbor Kennel Club show chair this morning. They are still proceeding with their planning as well and sent a form and instruction on reserving camping spots for the fairground in advance of the exhibitors.

First, though, I think I ought to finally adjust that milestone date in my event planning sheet template. I have the “Make camping reservations” set for 100 days prior to the event, which is about a week early for this particular show and the one which prompted that line item in the first place. I’m going to change it to 85 days prior to the show and place it behind the “Submit final event application” item. Had I done that this year, that would put the milestone date for camping reservations for those Fast CATs in Monroe at 10 April. Seems a reasonable time for making sure that something has happened.

That will be better going forward (i.e., next year), but I don’t see a need to fiddle with my current set of sheets for that little change.

As this particular event is Fast CATs, I just need to pass the camping information along to the rest of the crew, and I can check that item off of my list of things to do for that event.

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