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Course Plans for Lake Erie Metropark

The last thing to settle before drafting the premium is the course plans. We run at Lake Erie Metropark in both May and October, so I typically select plans for both weekends at this time. I think that is particularly important this year, as the May trials are likely to be small due to the AKC trials in Dayton on that weekend and the October trials feature the Region 6 Invitational. I’ll pick the plans for October first and then May.

First, I’ll see what was used both weekends of the previous year. The shape of the Saturday course from last May is one of my favorites. I have a shorter “Sunday” version of it (course L in my files), and I think that would be a good choice for Sunday in October, as I’d like to have something longer than normal on that Saturday.

I have three long courses in my files—ranging from 976 to 1,123 yards. I know two were used for region invitationals in the past, but I think I’m going to wait on the Saturday course for October. The May weekend will give me an indication of what the ball diamond is going to look like this year and that may open up some new options. I reserve the right to change my mind on the Sunday course if I end up with a long version of it for the invitational.

After perusing through my catalog of plans, I am going to reuse the Saturday course (course R in my files) from last May again this May. It’s runs well and has no crossovers, so the setup is a little easier—a consideration as I won’t be able to assist as much in the field that weekend.

Something a little shorter would be good for Sunday. My course V1 fits the ticket. It wasn’t used last year and also has no crossovers.

I’ll print one copy of each of those for use in laying out the field.

I’ll share some thoughts on course design if I draft a new course plan for the region invitational in October.

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