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Cancelled: May Fast CATs in Maumee

I received notice that the Toledo Kennel Club is cancelling their shows at the end of May, which, of course, means that we will cancel the Fast CATs that we were hosting in conjunction. The event planning sheet is our friend in all situations, as it reminds us of what has been done and, thus, who we may need to contact. In this particular case, I had already applied for the events with the AKC, as that was due by the beginning of March, but other than the FTS and the show club, there’s been no conversation. Consequently, just a quick note to the FTS, who already knew, and an email to the Performance Department at the AKC, giving them a short reason (epidemic), request (cancel four Fast CAT events), who (Michigan Gazehound Association), what (event numbers), when (30-31 May 2020), and where (Lucas County Fairground, Maumee OH).

I’ll file the event planning sheet, so that it pops back up next January when I’m likely to start planning the 2021 events, as there are some notes on the back that would be useful.

The AKC claims that application fees for an event that is cancelled due to the epidemic can be applied to a future event of the same type. I have about a week before the applications are due for the four Fast CATs in July at Monroe, so I have a few days to wait and see if they reply to my question on how that might work when making those applications.

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