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A Step Forward after Two Steps Back

After dealing with cancellations, it’s refreshing to make some progress on something—conveniently, the first thing on the schedule at this point, the AKC trials on 27-28 June in Armada. The contract arrived at last yesterday, so this morning’s chore is to complete the form and mail it back with a check. I’ve been assured that, if we do need to cancel later, the funds will be returned.

The hardest part if figuring out the amount on the check—rental fee, security deposit, portable toilets, dumpster. It is convenient to have all of those facility items taken care of by one entity, and the security deposit is returned upon favorable clean-up of the grounds, which typically isn’t much of an issue with the lure coursing crowd. The contract states that cancellation must be received two weeks prior to event. Usually not a concern, but this year I will make a line item with a 12 Jun 2020 milestone date on the event planning sheet, as a reminder.

Like most contracts, it’s a form letter and not necessarily tailored exactly to our event. For example, it specifies entrance through the Armada Center Rd gate, whereas we always use the Main St gate. Relationships matter. I know that they know what our needs really are, and there’s no real reason to harp on such details. If I show up with the trailer on the Friday before the event and the Main St gate is locked, it’s a simple call to get it opened.

The bigger concern would be the height of the grass, because the field has been used for hay. With a late June date, that shouldn’t normally be an issue, but weather is unpredictable, and it’s good to have a set of eyes take a look a week or so beforehand.

Signed contract, copy of our insurance, and the check will go in the mail today. Tomorrow, I will begin drafting the premium.

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