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No Fooling on that Premium for the May CATs

The FTS says that the draft premium for the May CATs in Kalamazoo look good, so my simple task for the day starts with changing the “DRAFT” in the PDF’s filename to “Final”. I then mail it to the AKC and give them a few days at least to mull it over before doing any other distribution—I received feedback once that required a change to a premium. I noticed yesterday that the last test of the weekend disappeared from the AKC’s event calendar, so I included a note in the email about that and referenced an inquiry that I sent yesterday. Most likely, it was inadvertently deleted when the Fast CATs in Maumee were cancelled, as that last test of this event would have been adjacent to the first test of those.

Final thing to do is mark up the event planning sheet, so that I’ll remember what yet needs to be done.

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