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Drafting the Premium for the May CATs

The premium for the May CATs in Kalamazoo shouldn’t take too long to draft. First thing to do is make a copy of the premium from last year and then start apply find and replace to dates and the secretary.

The left hand side of page one—directions, accommodations, and veterinarian—should be ok. I’ll delete the Sheraton from the list—must’ve been a host hotel for the show last year, but I don’t see it in the show’s premium this year.

The other side of page one requires some work. Kalamazoo is generally a pretty leisurely pace. I’m going to take a chance and put a single closing time for both tests each day. The risk is that a large number of people opt to show up right at the end of the day, but I don’t think that will happen. I’ve seen such a bubble happen when there’s a hard close at mid-day for one test and the start of the next afterwards, so it is something to consider. I also need to drop the number of entries that will be accepted for each test, just in case, as there are now two tests each day. That number needs to found and replaced, as it appears in several places. The same needs to be done with whose name in going on the checks. Fiddle with the events numbers, double-check everything again, and add some white space to push the page two stuff back to page two.

Speaking of, need to update the club treasurer and the list of judges. For the latter, it’s back to the AKC judges directory. I’ll pull their names and addresses from there rather than rely on my own contact list. For additional committee members, I like to put about a half dozen names of club members who I think might be showing dogs at the cluster. An adjustment to the inspection times finishes this side of that page. The other side is pretty standard. I’ll add “or black” to the color of the lures, as I did use black quite a bit last year to combat early morning glare on a wet field.

Page three is the course plans. With two tests on each day, I will simply put the first course in the premium and add a note about the change in direction for the second test. I have three course plans that I’ve been using routinely on that field, and all three are bi-directional. With the three light poles in play, the basic of any plan seems to be how to weave through the poles. I’ll just stick with these three and alternate them by day. While these are fresh in my mind, I’ll print a copy for each day to use for layout.

Page four is the long description of how the tests will be conducted. I believe the one note that I’d like to squeeze in someplace is about the concurrency of the two tests. I want to be explicit that preference may be given to dogs entered in the first test prior to noon and to those entered in the second test after noon. I hope that alleviates some of the angst that exhibitors display when waiting. Nothing gets folks annoyed than having to wait, but a solid reason can help soothe things out—sometimes. I’ll make sure the FTS knows that I’ve modified the section on Paddock when I ask for a review.

Save this to PDF and call it enough for today. Tomorrow, I will deal with the plethora of attachments.

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